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by Saurabh 04 Nov 2014, 01:58

Condoms vs "Culture".
Safe Sex is Sexy. Be Safe, Use Condoms.

"Combat AIDS with Indian culture, not condoms", says Dr Harsh Vardhan (Indian Health Minister)

In a country that despite its rather strong foundations of sexual liberation and matrilineal communities where its sexy and cool to practice mutual sex, India still figures in one of the worse-affected counties on the WHO's census of safe-sex regions.

From the politicians to the moral police, we've heard everything there is, so here is a shocking real life social experiment by our team that tries to gauge society's reactions to the concept of safe sex when a woman is involved.

From disappointed to shocked to angry to speechless, to confused to suspicious - we have captured the Indian Aam Admi and Aurats across ages in all their candid glory specially for you.

Disclaimer: This video is a social experiment made with a socially relevant intent and does not attempt to intentionally hurt or offend any person or community and their beliefs or feelings.

Tags: #SafeSex #Condoms