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ImageHome manicures and pedicures
Home pedicures and manicures are probably one of the easiest beauty treatments to do on your own.
All you need is the determination and knowledge. The reason to take recourse to this may be something as simple as your parlour being inaccessible (across town). Or it may be something as unavoidable as a hectic work schedule.

Simple as it may sound, you do need a few requisites before you start the process. Here's a list:

~ Identify a place where you will do the manicure or pedicure. This could be your bedroom or your living room. Remember that you need place to put the tub of water and also be able to relax after you have done your pedicure.
~ Create a checklist of what is required for the pedicure/manicure. You will need to plan this a day in advance since you may need to buy the raw material. However, once bought, rest assured you can use this for almost five-eight pedicures/manicures depending on your usage.
~ Tell the folks at home not to disturb you for 30-45 minutes. Keep yourself hassle-free. Keep the phone on silent and get ready to relax.

~ A good quality pedicure/manicure set (you can get loads of them these days, even in the Rs 49-99 shops)
~ Two towels (one large for your feet, one medium-sized for cleaning)
~ A good cream
~ Acetone
~ Cotton
~ A good scrubber or Pumice stone
~ A tub big enough to soak your feet
~ Nail enamel/polish of your choice

The procedure
Here's a step by step description of how to give yourself a manicure. Follow the same treatment for your feet, if you feel liek having a pedicure as well.
~ Remove all traces of nail enamel from your fingers using acetone. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Sponge your hands dry.
~ Keep some hot water in a tub befor eyou begin. It will temper down to an ambient temperature when you need to immerse your hand and feet in it. ~ Apply cream generously on your hands.
~ Begin massaging. Remember to massage in a circular motion. Hands are easier since any massage will impact both the hands. Massaging will help improve blood circulation. Press the massaged area gently occasionally. Do this for at least 5-10 minutes.
~ Remove excess cream with cotton.
~ Immerse the part that has cream in the warm water for 5-7 minutes. Let the skin feel nice and warm. Once the skin is slightly shrively, remove your hands or feet from the tub.
~ Keep the big towel handy so that you can immediately wrap your hands or feet with the towel. Mop them dry.
~ Take some more cream and put it on the nails. Gently push back the cuticle using a file from the manicure set. (The cuticle is the excess skin that creeps over the nail.) You can also use a small bamboo stick or a match stick to perform this process. Do it gently so that you do not tear the skin. Once done, remove the excess cream.
~ Clip broken skin that appears around the nails with a pair of fine scissors.
~ Trim and shape your nails.
~ For feet use a scrubber to remove dead skin.
~ Apply some more cream and massage briefly.
~ Next, apply the nail enamel on your hands and feet. The process is simple. Apply the base coat. This could be a transparent shade. Wait till it dries. Apply the second coat. Wait again. Apply the third and the last coat.