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Take these moments, and see how a trained germ-phobic mind interprets them:

Signing a credit card slip at Rite Aid.
Typical: [Signs name]
Trained: That pen has been touched by thousands of people, many of whom were at this pharmacy because they were sick. If I touch that thing I will be feverish before I get home. [Pays cash]

Pouring milk at Starbucks.
Typical: [pours milk]
Trained: That thermos has been handled by god knows how many people and no doubt many of them had runny noses because of the weather, and I'm certain they didn't use tissues. [drinks it black after wiping the lid]

Shaking hands with an old friend from college.
Typical: [shakes hands]
Trained: It's good to see him but he's a stockbroker and those guys never wash their hands.

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