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Once in a kindergarten, a teacher asks all students to write an essay on
the topic " A Poor Family".One student gets the lowest marks for writing
that essay . The student happens to be the richest girl in the entire class
and her essay goes on as.......

she writes:

Ek baar ek bahut hee gareeb family thi, husband aur wife dono gareeb
they, do bachey they, woh bhi bahut gareeb they!!
ghar ke saare naukar bhi gareeb they,
ghar ka maali, driver, aur guard bhi bahut gareeb they, ghar ke 4
kuttey bhi gareeb they, 2 din sey chicken nahi khaaya tha,
3 mercedeez car thi, unki bahut time se servicing nahi hui thi, ghar
ka A.C bhi theek nahi chalta tha ghar mein 1 saal sey paint nahi hua
tha family ko holiday ke liye foregin country gaye bhi 6 mahiney ho
gaye they,ghar ke 5 mein sey 2 TV to chaltey hee nahi they, all in
all, bahut he gareeb family thi!!

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