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The Young Brahmin asked, " Is it true, your daughter has all good qualities and good looks ? "

The old brahmin said, " Haan ! More that that, she is SundaraVati and Padma Vati ! "

" But, can she cook and keep house ? " Asked the young man.

" Oh yes, she is Dharma Vati ! " answer old man.

" Can she sew ? " asked the young man.

" Oh yes . . . . yes, she can not only sew, but she is Kala Vati ! " said the old man.

" What is her education ? " asked the young man.

" She is Vidya Vati ! " said old man.

" And Vedas ? " asked the young man.

" Oh yes yes, she is Veda Vati ! " answer old man.

The young man is very happy to find perfect bride and get married to her. Two days later, he come back with his bride in
town. The old Brahmin is surprised.

He asks, " What happeded, my son ? " Why do you look upset ?

The young man say, " Sir, you tell me ur daughter isa Sundara Vati, Padma Vati, Dharm Vati, Kala Vati, Vidya Vat and Veda Vati ?

" Yes, my son - I did " replies old man.

" But Sir - you forgot to tell me she is allready Garbha Vati also!!! "