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Ignorance is no defense especially when it comes to ignorance of the laws in countries you plan to visit. While it may seem natural to study some of the general customs and laws in major foreign countries you might not expect, for example, to have to look for strange law changes in somewhere like Florida. Most places in the world are relatively easy to get along in. Some strange laws are nothing more than folklore. Every once in a while, though, you're going to run into something a bit off the wall and it's important for you to be prepared in advance.

Freedom of Humans Vs Legality of Tough Laws
In Italy it is illegal to feed the pigeons. Ok, that's a bit of a blanket statement. The rule actually has the potential to change from city to city. Make sure you leave the pigeons alone while you're in Venice, though the locals are tired of cleaning up pigeon poop. You'll also want to avoid jumping into fountains, walking around without your shirt on (would you DO that as a tourist), and sitting on the sidewalk to eat your lunch. Fines range from a warning to monetary infractions anywhere from $50 to $600.