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After creating this complex world, GOD was worried that who will decide what is right and what is wrong? So, HE created Arnab Goswami.

I hope the next episode of Satyamev Jayate focuses on how Arnab Goswami has been terrorising the country for years.

'Why? Why? Why? The nation demands an answer!' - Arnab Goswami to waiter at Sagar Ratna, after being told the idlis are over.

Arnab Goswami was created to balance Manmohan Singh's silence.

If Arnab Goswami and Dolly Bindra get married... Their kid would be the most advanced sound system ever built on the planet.

If you ever see a picture of Arnab Goswami with a closed mouth, that camera has a good shutter speed.

Rajinikanth once completed his sentence in an Arnab Goswami interview.

To calculate the longest Arnab Goswami has ever paused, Mathematicians are working on a device that can record time in nanoseconds.