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10. Take part in a sleep study.
10 Foolproof Tricks To Stop Insomnia and Get Good Sleep
Talk to your physician about a sleep study. There's likely a medical center near you that will help you find out exactly why you're not sleeping. All you need to do is spend a night or two in their comfortable facilities hooked up to a series of machines. Doctors monitor your progress from another room. Before you commit to a given sleep center, be sure that their physicians have practices in place for evaluating insomnia. Some sleep centers focus on issues like sleep apnea and treat insomnia as an afterthought, which won't help you.

If you're still having persistent problems with sleep, it is best to consult a doctor before you introduce any new methods to your sleep routine. If you have an excess amount of stress keeping you awake, consider speaking to a mental health professional to learn more about living a stress-free and restful life. In the end, any positive measures you take will only help you reach your goal of a good night's sleep.