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ImageThe beach can be daunting for a plus-size woman. But it's quite possible to have fun. With thunder in my thighs, a mid-section I call the Great Indian Madhya Pradesh, and more-than-a-handful twin towers further up north, there is no crueller place in the world than a beach.

If you live on the larger side of life like I do, a beach holiday can be very daunting. The excuses I have made to skip it! A project I can't miss, fictitious relatives I have to attend to, and worse, menstrual cramps. While my gang of girlfriends basked in the seaside sun in their itsy-bitsies... I mean, really, what was I supposed to wear? Granny suits?

This summer, I have run out of excuses. Plus, I really want to see Bali. Read a lot about it in Eat Pray Love. I am embracing my inner Brooke Shields by bringing on the bravado and I have, by now, discovered my saviour, The Maillot, simply known as the gorgeous one-piece swimsuit that is back in vogue.

Taking stock of reality, my buxom derriere a la J-Lo is a great asset (pun not intended). And so are my legs and a smooth back. I am not getting narcissistic here, but it really helps me to know the best and worst of myself. Trade secret No.1: Even film stars do that. They know their bodies really well - both the good and the bad. Comfort breeds confidence, sister.

Now, as I sit on the bed, strewn with an array of resortwear - wispy kaftans, crochet dresses and my comforting muslin tunics - I make a mental checklist of the pieces that go into the bright-hued vacation trunk. The printed floral sarong that doubles as a halter-style wrap dress and a beach cover-up is an absolute must. Next, I chuck in the embellished flip-flops. No ankle straps, as they take away all the leg length.

As far as swimwear goes, the two operative words for me are support and monochrome, as they both create a slimming effect. A Marks & Spencer under-wire shirred tankini and ruched swim tops are my best friends. Contrary to popular belief, high-cut monochromatic bots give heavy legs a leaner look - in went a one-shoulder maillot by Liz Hurley Beach (think Beyoncé in the All the single ladies video).

Evenings will be glamorous as I sip my mai-tais in a shimmering kaftan dress, which Ananya by Nandita Mahtani does best, in one of the hot bars lining trendy Seminyak. The clutch and length-adding chandeliers are my best friends on night-outs. As for accessories, my rattan beach bag will be bigger than my luggage. I love everything over-sized for this holiday - hats, totes and a gigantic tube of sunblock. But for now, it's time to head for a full body wax and put my feet up for a luxurious pedicure so I can show off some pretty coral toes

P.S: The only ‘mini' I pack is the minimiser.
Vrushali Telang is a screenwriter and the author of Can't Die For Size Zero

Content Courtesy: Marie Claire

By Vrushali Telang