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Looking for a fit, sleek body? There is no short cut! Get out and move a muscle, burn the fat, tone up... are the magic mantras of today!! Exercise enhances the body, mind and spirit.

Step forward

You've been doing it since childhood! Yes, walking is the simplest, most effective and complete exercise! It increases the heart rate, works for the whole body, improves circulation, keeps aches and pains at bay, and can be done at any age and anywhere! Walk a minimum of 20 minutes to increase the heart rate. Nothing replaces the joy of a brisk walk! Walking on the treadmill may not be the same, but it's a great way to burn calories on a rainy day!


Perfect for strength training, jogging is an over all body exercise. It increases stamina, works the entire body, lungs and heart. Not for the weak- hearted! If you haven't jogged before, don't start suddenly or without a doctor's advice! It can prove dangerous.


Are you the outdoor type, and love sport? Makes your task simpler! Golf works almost every part of your body. But, it does not increase your heart rate. So if you are working out to work "off", it may not help. Squash and tennis are energetic games. They burn up calories, exercise the entire body and keep your heart in good shape! Riding, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. are group sports that enrich both body and mind.

The Weight-ing Game

With numerous gyms and fitness centres opening up, weight training to strengthen your muscles and acquire the "perfect" body, isn't that difficult. It helps build muscles, strengthens bones and contributes to a fitter you! Make sure you get a qualified instructor to guide and supervise.


Can't pin yourself down to a routine? Join an aerobics class. A set of exercises based on breathing rhythms is recommended for cardio-vascular fitness, while melting the inches! However, remember to exercise only under qualified instructors.

Water Bodies

The benefits of swimming are innumerable. It exercises every limb, keeps your lungs and heart fit, can be enjoyed in company and is a fun sport!

The "Cycle" of Life

A great way to stay in shape! Cycling outdoors keeps the body fit, with generous doses of oxygen. Working out on a stationary cycle may not offer the same benefits, but it's better than doing nothing!


The secret of the sages!! Yoga is a way of life and a discipline that offers long-term benefits. Yoga uses one's own body weight to load the muscles, and the breathing techniques are today's cardio-vascular workouts. Train under a good teacher not with teach-yourself-books.


A series of exercises that incorporate slow and very precise moves, either using the body weight or specially designed machines. A good way of working on muscles, it is very popular in the West.

What is important, is to find a routine that suits you best, and one that you can stick with! The magic word is " regularity". Don't make exercise an exercise in exasperation! Enjoy the exercise you choose!