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Love goes to the heart, Peace goes to the mind
So let's forgive and be Peace Makers all the time.

Osage Hills School, primary school
Bartlesville, OK, US

Just look with your eyes of love, not with your heart of hate;
And do it today, for tomorrow will be much too late.

Morrisonville High School
Morrisonville, IL, US

War is just pain and sorrow
World peace is not worrying about tomorrow

I.S. 125, Woodside Intermediate School
Queens, NY, US

I hope the Peace will go global
Then we can say our world is noble

Osage Hills School, middle school
Bartlesville, OK, US

The value of human life has to tower
above the preciousness of the biggest diamond.

Hauptschule Weer
Schulgasse, Weer, Austria

Peace sells
But who's buying?

Escola Profissional de Comércio Externo
Porto, Portugal

Peace is achieved by all, not one.
But peace begins with one.

Chaplin School
Chaplin, Saskatchewan, Canada

After the war can children sleep safely free from worry,
unhungry, unharmed?
Or does an evil lightly linger waiting for time and blood to

Saint Martha School
Okemos, MI, US

No wars, no fights, no guns
Forever peace!

International School of Kenya, primary school
Nairobi, Kenya

The war is over and the peace is here
The guns are destroyed ￾but this was only a dream

Svartbyns skola
Svartbyn, Sweden

We sing the Peace song
It is the song of all children. It is our wish.

Kindergarden Bernolakova
Kosice, Slovakia

Peace is sleeping in your bed at night, wrapped up tight
Dreaming in comfort of a golden tomorrow.

Kauai High & Intermediate School, intermediate level
Lihue, HI, US

Share your love with people who are different.
Be kind to the people of the world.

Parkside Elementary School
Parkside, PA, US

The world should be a peaceful place,
Without violence, weapons, or landmines to face.

St. Joseph's Consolidated Elementary School
Nova Scotia, Canada

Peace is the saying of I love you worldwide
Peace is but a knowledge that you possess inside.

International School of Kenya, middle school
Nairobi, Kenya