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The Vain Person:
One who loves the smell of his own farts.

The Amiable Person:
One who loves the smell of other people's farts.

The Proud Person:
One who thinks his farts are exceptionable fine.

The Shy Person:
One who releases silent farts then blushes.

The Imprudent Person:
One who boldly farts out loud, and then laughs.

The Unfortunate Person:
One who tries hard to fart, but sh*ts instead.

The Scientific Person:
One who farts frequently, but is truly concerned for the environment.

The Nervous Person:
One who stops in the middle of a fart.

The Honest Person:
One who admitted he farted, but offers a good medical reason.

The Dishonest Person:
One who farts but blames the dog.

The Foolish Person:
One who suppresses a fart for hours and hours.

The Thrifty Person:
One who always has several farts in reserve.

The Anti-Social Person:
One who excuses himself and farts in complete privacy.

The Strategic Person:
One who conceals his farts with loud coughing.

The Sadistic Person:
One who farts in bed and then fluffs the covers over his bedmate.

The Intelligent Person:
One who can determine from the smell of his neighbour's fart, precisely the latest food items consumed.

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