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Get your credit report:

“It is advisable to keep yourself posted about your credit history at least once in two years,” suggests Kulkarni. Thanks to recent developments and more credit information companies entering the fray, obtaining a credit report is now simpler. You no longer have to wait until your loan request is turned down by a bank to get a copy of your credit report.

But if your application has been rejected, you can always ask the bank or the financial institution for the copy, which they have to furnish for a fee of up to Rs 50. Credit information companies like Cibil (Credit Information Bureau) and Experian issue credit reports to individuals on request directly , without the involvement of any bank. Cibil charges Rs 142 for issuing a credit report while Experian levies a fee of Rs 138.

The payment can be made either through a demand draft or via online channels . You have to submit the required documents to authenticate your identity.