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Faith Is The only Answer

There lived a staunch devotee couple of shiva with her daughter in a village. On the outskirts of it was an incarnation of lord shiva under peepal tree. Every monday they performed puja ritual to it.

Once, due to unexpected work, they assign this duty to the daughter She reached the tree, lit lamp incense,did abhishekam with milk, kept flowers, chanted prayer n offered prasad (naivedyam).

She was waiting long till eve for the offering to be eaten but it remains as kept, she wept and pleaded that she couldn't return home without the prasad being eaten. Moved by her innocence & steadfast devotion. Lord appeared and accepted it.

After she had reached home, parents inquired about puja & offering. She replied 'It was eaten by God'. Obscured by her reply, on inquisition assumed that she ate it and started beating her for the act.

She sought lord's help with complete faith. The lord ever ready to answer his devotees in need, blessed the family in his divine form and
they fell upon his feet with great devotion.