These Jokes are best suited to People who Drink because they'll understand Most of the Jokes when not Drunk.

A guy walks into a Texas bar and orders a small glass beer. When the bartender comes with the drink it was the size of a a keg. The guy says that he just ordered a small glass of beer.

Bartender says, "That is a small glass of beer, son. Everything in Texas is big."

Then he ordered a small steak. When the waitress brings it to him, it is this huge 40 oz. piece of meat. The guy says that he only ordered a small steak.

The waitress says, "Son, everything is big in Texas.

After eating he asks where the bathroom is and is told to take the third door on the right. By now he is a bit smashed and though he carefully counts the doors, he enters the third door on the left and falls into a pool. He returns to the bar soaking wet.

"What in Hell happened to you?" asks the barkeep.

"Oh man, I fell in the damn toilet!"