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New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with CNN-IBN Sports Editor, Gaurav Kalra, legends of the game - Imran Khan, Sir Vivian Richards and Arjuna Ranatunga - talk about what changes the game has gone through over the years, what is needed to help cricket get rid of corruption and much more.

Exclusive: Sir Viv, Imran, Arjuna talk cricket

Q: We have got a World Cup coming up. Just looking at the overall state of the game of cricket at the moment, do you think it's healthy?

Imran: That's a loaded question now. It is healthy in terms of commerce; finance probably the healthiest it's ever been. There is more money in cricket now than ever before. But is it healthy in terms of standard, quality, class? There are some batsmen who are doing very well but in terms of fast bowling, never I've seen so few quality fast bowlers as they are right now in world cricket. And you know when I was growing up, my great inspiration was Dennis Lillee; so quality fast bowlers attracted people to the ground. There was an era of Wesley Hall and Griffith, Thomson and Lillee and then the West Indies fast bowlers, Wasim and Waqar later on and even McGrath. You don't see quality fast bowlers any more. So in that sense, it's unhealthy. But in terms of interest in the game, players being paid more than ever in cricket history before and Vivian and I were thinking that we played for almost two decades; we never made that much money that they make in one month of IPL.