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Q: Are you a fan of the referral system?

Imran: I am a complete fan of the referral system. I wish it existed in my days, as an in-swing bowler. And remember there weren't even neutral umpires in my time. The fairer the game, the results are fairer. I was in 1987 World Cup. We were in the semifinals and were getting close to winning the match and I was given out. Clearly I missed the ball by six inches and it was on television. But it just distorts results. So in my opinion it should be all the way through. Right to the final, you should have a referral system and it's a golden opportunity. Umpires are human and they make mistakes but a mistake should not cost a team a World Cup.

Richards: You look at the Australians. I was in Australia recently and Mike Hussey, he referred upstairs at a time when he was given out and he was called back. So the guy who was not in the best of nick got back into form.

Imran: Forget about Hussey and imagine Viv Richards. Now a team is playing against him. He is given out when he is not out. How much his team suffers? If he is given not out when he is out, the other team suffers. This man could make the difference to winning and losing. So it has to be a fairer system. Technology has completely eliminated the problem of run-outs and stumpings. I mean no one complains. In our time, there were fights on the field. There was bad blood because of bad decisions. I remember the famous Michael Holding kicking out the stump against New Zealand. The bad blood in our day was because of bad umpiring. I think the better the umpiring better the atmosphere in the game and fairer the result.

Ranatunga: I think the three of us will agree on the same thing not because of anything we really suffered when we were playing. No neutral umpire, no system, no referral system, no TV umpires. So I think we are the ones who suffered but if we had those facilities when we were playing, I'm sure the averages and careers would have been different. I think that's the one thing I really supported.

Imran: Not so much the averages, the results would have been fairer, the overall impact. We would have still got runs but the overall result, the game could have changed. One decision, as I said in the semifinal, we were in a winning position; a bad decision and we lost the semifinal. How many World Cups does a player get a chance to play in?

Richards: I remember when we went to Pakistan and Imran was the first guy, I think, mentioning that there should be neutral umpires and in that series, we beat Pakistan in Pakistan. We had two neutral umpires from India.

Imran: That was the first time there were neutral umpires in cricketing history against the greatest team in the Test history and the reason was because bad umpiring destroyed cricket series. A number of times we had problems in England. In Australia, you had problems. One critical decision could change the course of the match. So I am all for technology.