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Q: Do players care lesser, you believe, now about playing for their country?

Richards: Well I think that's the case that we are getting at this stage. I can deal with some of the individuals who play for the West Indies at present. They don't take central contracts and things like that. Here I think they are really ungrateful in my opinion. They have been given a chance through the best form of the game, which is Test match cricket. And then all of a sudden because of lucrative side of the things in the IPL and all the financial sides to that, they are ignoring playing for their countries. There is no honour.

Ranatunga: It happens all over the world, even in Sri Lanka. We had to cancel a tour to England to accommodate players to go to IPL. In our time, it had never happened or never discussed but the issue is ultimately that this sport has become a business.

Q: One or two final issues. I start with sir Viv on this one: the role of technology that is something hugely discussed. What do you make of all of these conversations on at the moment about the increased role of the referral system for instance and things like that. Where do you see that going?

Richards: I am hearing that they also want to introduce that in the World Cup coming in February, that they are going to use it for some of the matches and I think that is totally unfair because they may affect some team who could go to the finals.