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Q: Arjuna brought the role of the administrators. How important it is? When you look at it, Imran and sir Viv could reflect on this as well. Is the ICC a toothless body you believe or does it require some sort of injection of leadership?

Imran: The ICC can never be too powerful. It's a very much decentralised system. ICC can not micro-manage cricket in other countries.

Q: Would it help if, for instance, Imran Khan be the president of the ICC?

Imran: No, Imran Khan is not the right person to be the president but what I'm saying is you need to institutionalise cricket a bit more now. The itineraries are so heavy and by the way, one of the reason you don't have fast bowlers is simply too much cricket and too much one-day cricket. The more one-day cricket and more amount of travelling you have, the main individual in a team to suffer is the fast bowler, because they carry injuries some time. They need time to recover. You are playing one-day cricket, you are diving around and now the Twenty20 adds to the stress. Little injuries get exacerbated and that's what eventually ruins the fast bowlers' career. So in my opinion, the world cricket body should sit together with the cricketing ones and make a balance. The balance between making money and protecting cricket.

Richards: One got to remember India wasn't all that strong before. It's now that they are reasonably strong, finance-wise. India is sitting in a position now, where you can strike a particular balance with the governing body (ICC) to make sure that all your members are satisfied with the progress that's being made.