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Q: I want to mention the IPL, as talked both by Imran and Sir Viv. You have more administrative experience than these guys. The role of the BCCI. Do you think it is playing a damaging role in world cricket or because of the power of Indian money, playing a leadership role?

Ranatunga: I think both. Sometimes they are trying to dominate cricket. What we need from someone like India, BCCI is to protect other countries rather than dominate.

Q: Are they dominating?

Ranatunga: I think so yes. I won't say every time but some of the times. I have seen them dominating. They are trying to control but the important factor is for the BCCI to help some of the 'so called' minnows, may be some of the countries like Bangladesh who is struggling to come up. Even someone like Pakistan who is having a lot of issues now, to get them out of the shell and even West Indies. Those are the areas they need to look into rather than short version, trying to earn more money. Because you just need to keep this game going; you need to survive. otherwise may be you will get rid of West Indies or may be some other top country. I think cricket will not survive.