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Q: What do you make of the impact of Twenty20 cricket. Is it a good thing for cricket, as many of the marketing campaigns say it has given energy and new sort of audience? But do you believe it's destroying some of the skills the game should encourage among the younger players?

Imran: You know 20 years ago, I played an exhibition match in the United States and the game was reduced to 20 overs because of rain or something. And I noticed that the children, the expatriate Pakistanis and Indians, just loved it. It was action-packed. And I wrote to Kerry Packer and I said look, why don't you introduce in the United States because it's the best way to introduce a game to the American public. Little did I realise twenty years later, it would be introduced to cricket-playing countries.

[I]Q: You missed out on a great idea; you would have made a lot of money.

Imran: No, it's not a question of money, it is about introducing. The more novice you are the more you enjoy Twenty20. But the ultimate test of a cricketer is Test cricket. Cricketers only rate Test cricketers. They would only rate cricketers who do well in Test cricket. Now the danger is in Twenty20, the amount of money you have, the players say make a name in one or two Test matches and then think this is too much of a hard work, go and play one-and-a-half-months and make all the money. It's a danger that you will devalue Test cricket and if Test cricket goes down, cricket will go down.

Richards: I would really like to add to that. What I think Imran just said, if you are going to have individuals to be part of the IPL, which is the more lucrative side of things, most certainly we can, may be, take from the American side the draft system when it comes to college football or basketball. We say you must be able to do your chores here, representing your country at a particular level of a particular length of time before you are worthy of getting into the IPL. And I hope that the individuals who are responsible for the game itself may find that particular balance, what Imran and Ranatunga were just discussing, that balance what we have felt over the years because most of us played our cricket at the highest level, Test match cricket is considered the 'ultimate Test' for any cricketer, whether you are a batsman or a particular bowler. Until you can make your choice from the beginning, you are eligible to get into the IPL and make all the money that you can, rightly.

Ranatunga: You can analyse in three lines. More like a fast food, easier to eat, good looking but not healthy.