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Q: Just hearing Imran and Sir Viv talking, they started playing in an era just before yours. But one of the talking points nowadays is the impact of Twenty20 cricket and what impact it's having on the traditional formats? Do you have very strong views on that? Do you believe that some of these things that, as Sir Vivian has pointed out, have got to do with the virus of Twenty20?

Ranatunga: I personally feel when it comes to cricket, Test cricket is ultimate; no doubt about it. You can't argue with that. Then it's a fifty-over game because you need time to adjust. If you analyse from 75, I was a kid. When Viv and Imran were playing in the 70s, I was captaining the under-12 side and there was balance between bat and bowl. And there were top bowlers, top quality batsmen. But later part, it's probably close to 2000; the balance has gone away from the bowlers. It's more like 75 per cent batsmen.

Q: Is that the fault of Twenty20 cricket?

Ranatunga: I don't know. I believe it is one of the reasons but generally even the fifty-over games, it is more suited for the batsmen. The wickets are placid now, especially when you play in Australia. You could see when they play one-day cricket, they come out with very good tracks. But when we were playing, it was grassy; the fast bowlers were performing. But generally I think the balance has gone away from the fifty-over cricket. I think that's the concern I have presently. That must be the only reason that the younger lot prefers to be batsman rather than bowlers. And even in shorter versions, when it comes to Twenty20, it's 24 balls and what you can do in 24 balls!