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Q: I want to ask Sir Viv. Is that something that may be undervalues, as Imran says, as some of the batting efforts these days in comparison to what you achieved at your peak. Do you believe that is something that the world game needs to look at, quality of competition between bat and ball?

Richards: To be honest, what took place then was the best you have got in that particular time. But one cannot fault the individuals for being around at this particular stage when a lot of money which has come into it. I certainly believe that there are a lot many quality batsmen. Why? Because, as Imran just said, there isn't quality pace on a regular basis. There are not too many guys getting in above your head on a regular basis.

Q: And no one is batting without a helmet like Sir Viv used to?

Richards: Well, certainly I think times have changed. And I am one of those individual who does not have problems with the time change. I am very grateful to be involved or to have been involved in the sport that today is paying as much as it did. What I can hope in future is that the individuals pay some respect for that and stop thinking about may be the short-term side of the sport itself and just appreciate where they would have come from and where they are at present. So they should feel rather privileged in that sense.