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A Sardarji went to US & had a meeting with Bill
Bill : I want to show you the US advancement.
come with me. (He takes him in a deep forest)
Bill : Dig the ground. (Sardarji did it.)
Bill : more..more..more...
(Sardarji went upto 100 feet)

Bill : So now , try to search something.
Sardarji: I got a wire.
Bill : you know, it shows that even 100 years ago
we used to have telephones.

( Sardarji became frustrated.)

He invited Bill to india. Next year Bill had been
in India
Sardarji : I want to show you our advancement.
(the same, he takes Bill in forest.)
Sardar : dig it .
(Bill does.)
Sardar : more ..more ..more .......... (Bill goes
upto almost 400 feet..)

Sardarji : try to find something.
(Bill tries.)
Sardarji : did you get anything ?

Bill : no.

Sardarji : yes, even 400 years ago we used to have WIRELESS