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by Jennifer 14 Sep 2016, 01:00
Emily Ratajkowski - D K N Y's SS 2017 Show in New York City
Here’s what it’s like to arrive at a fashion show at the same time as Emily Ratajkowski: She rolled up to the base of the High Line at 14th Street in a black Suburban and stepped out onto the street to a noticeable hush—the sound of everyone within 20 feet inhaling sharply.

She was wearing all black—a bodysuit from DKNY, slinky mid-length skirt with an asymmetric zippered slit, banded thigh-high stockings, and high strappy patent sandals. The effect was sort of “Bringing Up Bebe.” It wasn’t an ensemble designed for speed, and I quickly overtook her on the stairs, only to be waylaid at security while she breezed through.