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An unhappy-looking old man had stood in the long gift return line at the store. Finally he made it to the counter with his package.

The clerk, observing his stubble of day-old beard, spotted here and there by bits of stuck-on toilet paper, asked if he could help him.

The old man brought out the item he wished to exchange, an electric razor. "My son bought me this newfangled shaver," complained the fellow, "and he said it would let me shave in half the time with less cuts than my old straight razor. I tried it this morning, and it took almost a half hour, and it pulled out more hair than it cut! I want a refund!"

The patient clerk took the electric shaver and looked it over, seeing clumps of wiry facial hair sticking out of the screen. "Let's see if we can tell what the problem might be."

After turning it over and trying to switch it on, he removed the base and found that there were no batteries in it.

Asked the clerk, "Did you try some new batteries before taking them out?"

The grizzled old farmer squinted his eyes and rubbed his rough face, then asked, "It needs batteries?"