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5. Apple shape (over all plus size)

Vertical stripes : "Vertical and not horizontal stripes work for you, but make sure your vertical stripes are also not very broad, else you might look bloated out," feels designer Ritu Kumar.

Colour it right : "It's better to wear single colours rather than breaking your look with two colours. Fall in love with black and try wearing the colour either on the top or bottom for a slimmer look," says designer Ritu Beri..

No overdose of prints : "Big and bold prints are not meant for you. Opt for smaller prints, but ensure you are not overplaying with them. Go for layering as much as possible, as it tends to hide the flab," says designer Amit GT.

Flat-front pants: "Go in for pants and jeans with a low-waist. This will make your tummy and hips look smaller giving you a lean look. Also, pick trousers with a flat front and zipper on the sides," says designer Khushali Kumar.

6. Flabby arms

Don't accentuate : "Do not accentuate your arm with armlets etc, instead focus on interesting necklines," says designer Ritu Beri.

No off sleeves: "Avoid wearing sleeveless attires, even cap sleeves are killers. Instead go for three-quarter, fitted sleeves to lend your arms a slender look," says designer Amit GT.

Layer it well : "The best way to deal with not so well-toned arms is to wear a black shrug beneath a sexy halter or off-sleeve top. Not only will this hide the flab, but will also look trendy," says designer Khushali Kumar.

7. Accessories:

Minimal jewels: "Keep jewellery to a bare minimum, especially on your neck. Concentrate on chunky earrings falling on a bare neck as it adds to your sensuality," says designer Ritu Kumar

Rise high in heels : "Never forget your heels! If you can't wear them high, wear opt for a one-inch heel. It will not only make you taller, but will also bring grace to your gait," says designer Ritu Beri

No chokers : "Talk about Indian jewellery and neck kissing chokers are a big 'no' for you. Instead, opt for long neck pieces," says designer Amit GT.

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