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Signs of Psychic Attack

While everyone is different and responds differently to energy, here are a few signs you are under psychic attack:

1. You feel drained and irritable around the person.
2. You have a hard time letting go (of them, of their problems) even though you know you should.
3. You find yourself over-reacting emotionally in ways that you wouldn't otherwise. You feel out of control.
4. You are obsessing and negative.
5. Things in your life are going haywire and the usual flow has stopped, i.e., money is hard to come by. (This is with an extreme psychic attack.)
6. You continue to engage (fight, respond, defend yourself) even though you know you shouldn't.
7. You get physically sick when you spend a lot of time with the person. (I had a boyfriend who constantly gave me colds.)
8. You doubt yourself and your own intuition based on the twisted logic presented by the person; you blame yourself in a one-sided fashion. (This is all my fault: I'm bad, I'm unlovable, I'm the horrible person.)