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12. Increasing Dental Cavities: With the lack of Vitamin D, people are more prone to the risk of Dental diseases, specially cavities.

DIABETIC? DEPRESSED? Did You Check your  Vitamin D Level
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A review of 24 controlled clinical trials encompassing 2,827 children found a 47% reduced risk of Dental cavities with vitamin D supplementation.

As per the current recommendations, daily intake of vitamin D should be 2000 IU. Although sunlight is the best natural source of vitamin D, you can also obtain it through your diet. Natural form of vitamin D3 is present in dairy products like milk (100 IU in one 8 ounce glass), yogurt (80 IU) and egg yolks (one yolk offers 20 IU of vitamin D). But the dietary sources are seldom enough.

To start supplimentation a dose of vitamin D3 60000 IU with milk every week for 8 weeks followed by a similar dose monthly maybe enough to guard the deficiency.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005 to 2006 data were analyzed for vitamin D levels in adult participants (N = 4495). The overall prevalence rate of vitamin D deficiency was 41.6%, with the highest rate seen in blacks (82.1%), followed by Hispanics (69.2%).