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Two hunters are hunting deer in the Western USA. They spot some deer on a farmer's land and they decide to go ask the farmer if he will let them hunt on his land. Only one of the guys goes to ask.

He says, "Sir, we noticed you got some deer on your land and we wondered if you would allow us to hunt them?"

The farmer says, "Sure, no problem. But on one condition. I got this old horse that's real sick and just about ready to die. I'd appreciate one of you fella's shootin him for me. I just can't bring myself to do it."

The hunter says that it won't be a problem. On the way back to the pickup he thinks to himself, "I'm gonna screw around with my buddy."

He walks up to the pickup and says, "That SOB won't let us hunt his land. You know what, I'm gonna shoot his horse."

At this point, the first hunter pulls out his gun and shoots the farmer's horse.

The second guy, so caught up in the emotion says, "Yeah, that SOB!" and he starts shooting the farmer's cows.