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ImageBallroom Dancing
Dimple Jhaveri, a personal banker, says, "My boyfriend and I used to go for Tango and Foxtrot lessons together. It was a good way for us to spend time with each other. He did step on my foot a few times, but it was worth it because we had so much fun. The best thing is, I lost weight!"

Quick facts

~Half an hour of Ballroom Dancing -- like the Quickstep, Waltz, Tango and so on -- is equivalent to brisk walking, in terms of calorie consumption (about 250 calories), for the same amount of time.

~Disco, Rock 'n' Roll and vigorous dances like these burn more calories.

~At least 180 to 480 calories are consumed during an hour of Ballroom Dancing.

Best of all, you can take a partner along!

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