Is there a writer in u? Or are you in a mood to read some short interesting stories? Here's the Story Section for all tastes.

A child was crying. His father was trying to distract him to no avail. "I don't want to wear these torn out shoes. The child screamed inconsolably. "ALL my classmates wear new pair of shoes. they run like deer and laugh at pointing to my shoes." The child said innocently.

The father was a poor man with limited means. He wanted his child to b happy n contended with whatever he had,but assured that he Will get a new pair of shoes the next month. when the child was adamant, the father told the boy that he would get them repaired. The child felt happy as he thought the cobbler wont repair his shoes as they were beyond repair.

They reached the cobbler's place "DO u play a lot child" asked the cobbler,smilingly. "I do n just let us know can u mend them or not" the child asked in a rude manner. "The shoes r still in good condition and just need a quick fix" the cobbler assured,looking at the shoes appreciatively.

The child become very angry. He wanted to use harsh words as the cobbler had spoiled his plans of buying new shoes. He thought that now he cant persuade his father into buying a new pair of shoes. "Are there some jewels on my shoes that u r staring for them for so long" the child screamed. "Nno my child, I used to play a lot before I lost my both legs in an accident. But I don't feel subdued. I enjoy watching young children like u n thank HIM for these eyes" the cobbler replied calmly.

The child was shocked. He was staring at the cobbler n his amputated legs. Suddenly he looked at the sky. His eyes were moist and hands were open. It seemed as if he was saying "Thanks for everything."

The father smiled and mumbled. "You have learned an important lesson of life" And the two went home happily and contended.