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If you would create something, you must be some thing. Hide not your talents. One who is innovative and works differently is creative. Success needs creativity. A scientist is creative. A writer is creative. An achiever looks different from a common man.

If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.

This statement tells us work is monotonous. There should be vision. If there is vision and skill, and motivation then there will be change if the resources are used properly and work executed. When there is lack of vision but skill, motivation, resource and action plan are available, there will be confusion.

There may be vision, motivation, resources and action plain, but if there were lack of skill, fear and anxiety would be the result.

One may have vision, skill, resources and action plan. Then even though thereis nobody to motivate there will be gradual change because of vision.

You may have vision, skill, and motivation, action plan. But if you have more sources frustration starts. Even though you have vision skill, motivation and resources but no frustration starts. Even though you have vision skill, motivation and resources but no action plain false starts is the result. If you do not work there is no use. So creativity is the result of all put together. You will find some change.

Vision + Skill + motivation + resources =creativity.

Man has learnt to use natural resources more intelligently. Thereby he has brought a change in the environment. He has built artistic things, which has made him creative "More ever man has made tremendous advance in the sphere of knowledge. He has hoped to make this planet decent place to live in.

It is an old saying that everything goes on changing in the world. The old is replaced by the new. The world of today is radically different from what it was few hundred years ago. One outlook of culture has greatly widened with the development of science and technology.

There should be some sort of change and creativity in all walks of life. Monotonous work is boredom.
Success invites creativity or creative nature.