Searching for a laugh? Your sense of humor is about to explode with comedy inside. Prepare to witness the Best Laughs from Jokes ever.

1. Daya has the world record of breaking most number of doors.

2. C.I.D bureau has 1 toyota qualis since last 11 years.

3. In entire 20 storeyed building of C.I.D only 7 people works.

4. There is no POLICE,,C.I.D handles every case.

5. Accused person accepts his crime only after getting slap from Daya on face.

6. None of them ever got married.

7. None of them ever got promotion, not even ACP.

8. Salunke just presses CONTROL & ALT, & gets Finger prints tested.

9. people remember a person they just saw once & give exact sketch.

10.End of episode, all criminals get Fassi.

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