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12 Craziest Mobile Chargers
5. Rubik's Cube Charger

The Rubik's Cube has conquered the world not just as a plaything, but as a useful device and this is proved by the new conceptual Rubik's Cube Magic Charger that can charge your gadgets. While the entire World is thinking to save energy and we celebrate Earth Hour and Earth Day, or Environment Day, still, there is a dearth of certain concrete steps taken in this direction. But this new concept of charging your mobile phone or MP3 player, etc. via Rubik Cube is revolutionary. This Magic Charger saves energy that is converted to electric waves used in charging the gadgets. This energy is saved in the internal lithium-ion battery while we play with the cube and electro magnetic induction principles let the cube harness some energy to be further converted for use. I guess you must be wondering from where the charging slots are located; you need to pull the Rubik cube upwards to locate the USB charger. Now you won't think that it is worthless to play with a Rubik Cube, as you would be contributing towards the sustainable development.

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