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10 Coolest Robots
10. Archer iCub: the robot who can throw an arrow

Clearly someone didn't think robots that shampoo your hair is enough. In fact, someone decided to teach a robot a skill that is still a rite of passage in some tribes: using a bow and arrow. After being instructed how to hold the bow and release the arrow, the robot learns by itself to aim and shoot arrows at the target. It learns to hit the center of the target in only 8 trials. The learning algorithm, called ARCHER (Augmented Reward Chained Regression) algorithm, was developed and optimized specifically for problems like the archery training, which have a smooth solution space and prior knowledge about the goal to be achieved.

Of course you might ask “Why do we need to fear a robot with a bow and arrow?” To which I would respond that you need to watch Predator and First Blood to see just how effective a bow-and-knife wielding brush-stalking hunterbot could be.