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Vision One Computer Desk
10 Coolest Desks

Look at this desk and tell me if you're not thinking of banging on those pads like Larry Mullen of U2. Well, budding skin-banger, this is not for that purpose. The Vision One Computer Desk is for working or gaming. It has a luxurious, adjustable leather seat and comes in original, flagship and corner variations and is available in a range of colors including red, orange and blue.

It took the designers three years to bring this video game-style station to the market. The Vision One Computer Workstation is the ultimate home entertainment computer desk. The V1 computer desk can be used as a computer gaming chair, flight simulator, racing simulator, cad workstation, video editing workstation, sound editing workstation, personal movie theater, surround sound music environment and more. They are hand-made in the USA and it has guy thang all over it.