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A contractor had employed 100 labourers for a flyover construction task. He did not allow any woman to work without her husband. Also, atleast half the men working came with their wives. He paid five rupees per day to each man, four rupees to each woman and one rupee to each child. He gave out 200 rupees every evening. How many men, women and children were working with the constructor?

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There were 16 men, 12 women and 72 children working with the constructor.

Let's assume that there were X men, Y women and Z children working with the constructor. Hence,
X + Y + Z = 100
5X + 4Y + Z = 200

Eliminating X and Y in turn from these equations, we get
X = 3Z - 200
Y = 300 - 4Z

As if woman works, her husband also works and atleast half the men working came with their wives; the value of Y lies between X and X/2. Substituting these limiting values in equations, we get

if Y = X,
300 - 4Z = 3Z - 200
7Z = 500
Z = 500/7 i.e. 71.428

if Y = X/2,
300 - 4Z = (3Z - 200)/2
600 - 8Z = 3Z - 200
11Z = 800
Z = 800/11 i.e. 72.727

But Z must be an integer, hence Z=72. Also, X=16 and Y=12