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Causes of constipation

Constipation is caused by a wide variety of problems that range from simply not drinking enough liquids to having a very low fibre diet.
Medications such as iron and calcium supplements, drugs used to treat allergies, cold, hypertension, depression, antacids, diuretics (drugs which increase the flow of urine), non-steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs also cause constipation. Parkinson's disease, spinal cord disease and paralysis are the other known causes.
Weakness of the abdomen muscles and pelvic floor also lead to constipation, especially in the case of the elderly.

Nature cure for constipation

There are many home remedies which are effective in the treatment of constipation.
* A large slice of papaya every day will help in easy bowel movement.
* The juice made from the pulp of the ripe bel fruit is also recommended. Break the shell of the fruit and remove the seeds. Add water to the pulp and sugar if desired. Strain and serve.
* 6-8 apricots a day are also helpful. The cellulose in apricots acts as roughage and the pectin retains water. Two raw apples per day can also be taken.
* Figs have a high cellulose content. The fig seeds increase the peristaltic movements, thus easing constipation.
* Curd is also beneficial in treating constipation. Dates, bananas, raw cabbage and beetroot also help a great deal. Lemon juice with honey taken first thing in the morning is a good bowel stimulant.