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ImageThe company is aiming the Z610i at the style-conscious who don't want to compromise on features. The handset is certainly packed and includes a fairly decent music player, Bluetooth and support for 3G video calling.
The phone certainly makes a statement, thanks to the mirrored finish on the front. It hides a small mono OLED screen that is completely invisible until you have an incoming call or when one of the side buttons is pressed.

The keypad is a bit chunky and has dedicated buttons giving quick access to the camera, music download service and shortcut menu. There are also dedicated play/pause buttons on the side of the phone to let you quickly call the music player.

Speaking of the music player, it is actually one of the best features of the phone, very similar to the one used on the Walkman range of Sony Ericsson phones.

The phone provides excellent battery back-up, a single charge gives you around seven hours of talk time and over 12 days on stand-by.

The design, colours and features makes it an excellent phone for the fashion conscious and is available in colours like pink and blue