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ImageAdd some glam
Sunglasses get bigger
Been partying or studying all night? Don't waste money on under-eye creams.

Big sunglasses are here to stay.

They hide your tired eyes and also pump up your glamour quotient.

Go for pastel shaded frames (pink, blue, green). If you really want to pull off a high fashion look, go for white frames.

Add more layers

Layering is one of the key trends this season.

A great way to add fashion points to an otherwise ordinary outfit is to add a small jacket or shrug (a short jacket with just sleeves and the back) over your shoulders.

If you want a little bit more fashion chutzpah, try layering leggings under your skirt. These could be just calf-length.

You could wear two tee shirts. For instance, wear a spaghetti top with a racer-back tee shirt.

You could wrap a scarf or a half-stole around your hips, over a skirt or jeans.