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ImageAccessories: Be bold
Carry a BIG bag
The bigger, the better. Not only is this stylish, it is also very practical; what better way to carry all your files and books?

Get a stylish folder covered with a hip print to file all your papers. Prints can include black and white floral prints, geometric prints in a combination of pastel shades or paisley prints in red and ochre.

For college formals and other social events, don't forget to have a sleek glamorous clutch by your side.


These are the accessories of the moment. Wear a single strand of big beads. Or, to look funkier, a string of paper/ cloth flowers. Don't go overboard though.

When you opt for the necklace, minimise your other accessories for a no-fuss look.

Do-it-yourself tip:
String together your own beads to create a matching necklace for each outfit.

The Wedge

Fashion is cyclical; it's time to put away your stilettos. Besides, they aren't even practical for a day in college.

But if your height means a lot to you, wedges are a good bet.

If you're trying out heels for the first time, wedges are a very comfortable heel to wear.

Try an espadrille for the ultimate fresh look. It's a wedge heel that is covered with a straw braid.