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ImagePrints, skirts, denim
Prints are hot!
They could be floral or graphic. Wear either a printed top or skirt.

Floral prints can be updated with some subtle embroidery for a more modern look. If you don't care for printed shirts/ skirts, you can still work it into your look by wearing a printed scarf.

Do-it-yourself tip: Get inventive. Look around the house for anything that can be used as a block for printing like, for instance, a coaster or a pair of scissor or even a vegetable like a potato.

Dip the shape in the fabric paint and make an impression on a plain coloured tee shirt, scarf or skirt. Voila, you have a unique print that shows off your personal style!

Skirts sizzle

Skirts made their presence felt all over the ramp in the recent fashion weeks. Clearly, they are here to stay.

*Twirly, flirty, flared knee-length skirts are in.
*Go sexy in a denim mini in pastel shades like baby pink, baby blue or mint.

Jeans: High-waist is in, low-rise is out.

High-waist jeans are making a slow but steady comeback. Wear them with a big belt -- in leather, metal, plastic and/ or fabric, etc -- to emphasise your natural waist.

Do-it-yourself tip: Dig around your mom's closet for a retro belt. Big belts -- in the style that was popular between the sixties and the eighties -- are also making a comeback.