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The coffee may be reducing the risk of diabetes, as per the study by some researchers. But the risk involved to other health hazards against the merits of coffee in reducing diabetes are very very higher.

Coffee when taken more than 2~3 cups a day, induces hunger-loss, sleeplessnes, acidity(which leads to intestinal ulcers), and hipertension are more serious than the merits claimed by those researchers. Again, the amount of sugar used in coffee in India is much higher compared to other parts of world which is in itself diabetes inducer, so the merits are dwarfed by these factors which needs a serious consideration.

Any research article must be in toto with facts when presented to unsuspecting and believing audience. The above article gives only a partial story.

Guys, do not jump start to coffee machines on reading above article. Be aware of hidden risks too.

I am not a coffee basher. I take atleast 3 cups of coffee daily, but then I know the risks and merits of it. Coffee is an instant rejuvinator when we feel exhausted and an really enjoyable drink. So, just enjoy it within limits without getting carried away by suspicious research articles.