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Coconut oil is proved to be beneficial to people but few know that it is good for bets too. Pets such as dogs and cats are like family members to pet lovers and all would like to do anything that can ensure their health and well being. This article will explore how we can care for our pets using coconut oil.

Coconut oil as energy booster

Pets, like humans, can be weak or suffer from depression or lack of energy. Adding virgin coconut oilto your pet’s diet can improve their health tremendously. Pets such as dogs, cats, horses and birds alike all react in a similar way. Your languid doggie would be up and racing around happily and your tired birdie would start chirping and singing in no time. Coconut oil diet would also improve your pets’ resistance to ailments such as colds and coughs.

Coconut oil for skin and fur care

You can use coconut oil to help your pet acquire shiny and soft coats/feathers.

Dogs and cats that have itchy skin will find relief with coconut oil. In the case of horses, applying coconut oil on their skin may prevent sunburn.

If ear mites are bothering your beloved cat or dog, put a drop of coconut oil into each of their ears and feel the bugs disappear in a short time.

Coconut oil for medical treatment

It is common for pets to have parasites. Coconut oil, being antibacterial, is effective in solving the problem.

Coconut oil is also useful for the treatment of cuts, wounds and infections on animals. The vitamins and minerals in the oil enhance the healing process.

For cats, a diet with coconut oil can help with the removal of hair balls and thus keep the cat healthy.

Some domestic animals may become overweight due to inadequate exercise or functional disorders. The healthy saturated fat in the coconut oil would enhance their metabolism and restore health and normal weight for the pets.

Coconut oil as deodorant

Pets that are fed on a coconut oil diet give out less odor. This effect is more apparent in aging animals. Pet owners also find that they can bathe their dogs less frequently.

Coconut oil friendly tips

Human beings normally outlive their cats and dogs and we would all do whatever we can to keep our pets with us longer. As our beloved loyal animal friends do deserve the best, remember to always use virgin, untreated, undiluted coconut oil so as to maximize the health benefits of coconut oil.

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