Unable to completely enjoy the Jokes in English? Fropky pesh karte hain, chutkule, ab aapki manpasand bhasha mein.
by Jennifer 15 Jan 2016, 23:28
How should we define lower, middle class and upper class?

Lower class - Biskut
Middle class - Biskit
Upper class - Cookies

Lower class - Roomal
Middle class - Hankie
Upper class - Handkerchief, Kerchief

Lower class - Tamaatar
Middle class - Ta'may'to
Upper class - Toh'mah'toh

Lower class - Sauce
Middle class - Ketchup
Upper Class - Toh'mah'toh Condiment

Lower class - Lifafa
Middle class - En've'lope
Upper class - On'vo'lup

Lower class - Nimbu Paani/Shikanji
Middle class - Lemonade
Upper class - Virgin Mojito

Lower class - Paint
Middle class - Jeans
Upper class - Denims

Lower class - Chashma
Middle class - Goggles
Upper class - Shades