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here'z a conversation b/w two guyz X n Y:

X: aap chinese hein ?
Y: nahi
X: aap chinese hein ?
Y: kahaa hai na, nahi!
X: acha acha, woh to sab theek hai... lakin aap chinese hein?
Y: nahi nahi nahi!!!! ab agar tum ne yeh poocha to mein tumhein maroon
X: ok, waisay bhai jan , aap chinese hein?
Y beats X badly..
X (maar khaanay k baad): yaar banda kuch lihaaz kar leta hai, yeh to
batayein k kia aap chinese hein?
Y: nahi huun... (then Y runs and get to thee roof top of a high
building, X follows him and get there too)...
then on the roof top:
X: aap chinese hein ?
Y: nahi huun nahi huun nahi huun..ab agar kahaa na to mein jump kar doon
ga roof se...
X: acha! to phir aap chinese hein?
Y runz, n jumps from the roof...X follows him and jumps too...
in the air while falling:
X: aap chinese hein ?
Y: nahi, (then both fall down n get injured)
X: aap aik baar kah kyun nahi daitay ke aap chinese hein?
Y: acha haan...huun phir ?

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