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It is a very peculiar element,found (regretfully)in abundance on Earth.

Chemical Name: Girl.

Chemical Symbol: 'Gi'.

Common Name:One may assign any name for his convenience.

Discovery:Though discovered many many yrs. ago by everyone ,but due to the immense complex nature of it no one can explain its nature or presense.

Researcher: Prateek Sachan.

Occurrence:Regretfully found everywhere.

Compounds found:Always becomes stable on finding someone with whom they can get their max. advantage often harming the person (Similar to a parasite).

Atomic No.: 420.

Atomic mass :420 (As there are no protons but only electrons,therefore we can conclude that they are not electrically neutral but always electrically negative).

E.C:2,8,18,32,64,128,128,40. As there are 40 valence electrons in the valence shell of a Gi,one Gi can fool 40 men at a time. This theory also proves that why God created more men than "Gi's as otherwise it would have caused unwanted changes on the Earth making it impossible to have life on it.

Position In the Periodic table: There has to created a new block (called 'g' block)following the Lactinides on the right as it can possess diff. properties at diff. times.

Valency: -40 accepts electrons other than other Gi's.

Existence : Only exits all by itself as 'Gi1'(we can write as 'Gi' only) as it can not form 'Gi2' or 'Gi3' .. as every 'Gi' is immensely jealous of all the other 'Gi s'.

Physical Properties:
Natural State: In the form of Devils, Moneysuckers 'Show-offers' or 'Time Wasters'.

Colour: All Types (Ranging from snowy- coloured to cherry-blossoms like the Willam Sisters.).

Boiling Point: Very Low. Can catch fire at a 'very low temperature' ('very low temperature' signifies the state of jealousy).

Melting Point :Very very high .Rarely melts to peoples' pleas.Infact has defeated Tungstun in accordance with M.P.Now we can use willingfully use them in tubelights or bulbs.

Powers:Can be a great character hiders.May seem regretfully 'x' from outside; dangerously 'y' from inside and horribly 'z' from the heart. ('x', 'y', 'z' are diff.variables for their choices).
(i) They usually cry when they need something,and on this act they get their wish.

Odour: May put a lot of perfumes to hide the intoxicating smells,hence original smell can't be determined.

Physiological Natrue; Highly Poisonous and dangerous in nature.

Taste : Being highly poisonous in nature,people who have tasted it have sorrowfully not remained for a mere second to tell about its taste.

Density : Varies.

Solubility : Insoluble in water but soluble in problems.

Liquefaction: Impossible to liquefy(i,e;impossible to control).

Chemical Properties:
Combustibility : Combustible,its promoter(increases the rate of jealousy among people),and a supporter of combustibility.

Nature:doesn't show any change in a litmus paper.

**IMPORTANT: 'Gi' s also called an anhydride of problems. **

They are strong reducing agents as they reduce the money of other people on their benefit.
Word Equation: BoyMoney + Girl -----> GirlMoney +Boy
(It is a good example of an irreversible reaction).

(i) To spread some blastering news they are efficient agent,as to spread some news we can do the following:
(a) Publish it in some newspaper. Disadvantage :Wastage of money.
(b) Show it in the news. Disadvantage :Wastage of money.
(c) OR simply tell a 'Gi'.She will definitely spread the news like wildfire and also totally free of cost.
(ii) They can come in handy when you are free and need to waste your time.

Precautions when handling a 'Gi'
(i) Handle with care.
(ii) Not giving them any chance to laugh or to show-off.
(iii) If unfortunately,a 'Gi' comes to you, DON'T PANIC ,but drive it away by making its fun or disagreeing with it.
(iv) DO NOT go or wander near groups of 'Gi' as this increases the over-all concentration of the 'Gi' atoms and may prove harmful for you.
(v) Be smart and take necessary precautions to be saved from their powers.
"Precaution is better than cure
(vi) Never run after it.
--------- By : Prateek Sachan