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ImageWilliam (Bill) Henry Gates III, chairman of the world's largest software company Microsoft, is laying down office on June 27, 2008 as full-time chairman of Microsoft Corporation, to take up a full-time philanthropic role in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It's a momentous occasion.

Not often one comes across a situation where an extremely successful and active CEO walks out of the primary function of heading a corporation to pursue one's interests, particularly so in the case of Bill Gates who is not an ordinary CEO.

He founded the company along with his schoolmate Paul Allen, made it real big, had an outlandish vision of "putting a computer on each desk" (when computers were large and consumed most of the room space) and had the luck of realising that dream in his lifetime.

In the process, Gates managed to create not just a company but an industry, "the software industry" as we know it today. He also triggered the third wave of computing: mainframe era, minicomputer era to personal computing era.

Here's looking into the journey of a geek who changed the tech world.