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4 Causes of Female Hair Loss

A woman's hair is her crowning glory. While baldness is often perceived as a man's problem, it affects women too. It is even possible for teenage girls to experience hair growth problems. There are various reasons why this occurs. In this article we will examine four causes of female hair loss and what can be done.

1. Genetics

One of the most common causes of hair thinning in women is genetics. If your mother and grandmother experienced thinning or balding hair, you are likely to do so as well. By understanding your genetics you can prepare for the possibility of premature baldness. This may include using products that contain monoxodil, such as Rogaine for Women. You may want to speak to your dermatologist or physician to learn the newest and most effective ways of fighting genetic hair loss.

2. Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones can cause a lot of things to happen in the body. For example, certain hormonal fluctations can cause hair to fall out. One of the most common examples of this is following pregnancy. A woman will find she loses a noticeable amount of hair after giving birth. This is simply a result of hormonal changes. Once the hormones are balanced, the hair will regrow.

If you feel your hair growth problems are caused by an hormonal issue, talk to your doctor. He or she can evaluate your condition and help you devise the best plan of action.

3. Nutritional Deficiency

Another reason women may lose hair is nutritional deficiency. Although hair loss is a tell-tale side effect of anorexia, you don't have to be anorexic to lose hair due to deficiency. For some women, even a small nutritional imbalance can cause thinning or balding hair. Luckily, the solution is as easy as changing your diet for the better and adding a vitamin supplement.

4. Harsh Styling

Harsh styling can also cause hair loss in women. In this case, hair is broken off close to the root causing the illusion of less hair. Perms and hair coloring products can cause breakage. Curlers may also snag and break the hair. The solution here is to stop using harsh styling products and treat your hair more gently.

Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to encourage hair strength. You may also want to take a vitamin supplement designed to improve hair health. When detangling, use a wide-tooth comb and a detangling spray. If coloring treatments and perms are to blame for your hair breakage, avoid them until your hair is stronger.